Homemade Bone Broth

It is spring and this time of year, always brings on the urge to do some spring cleaning. Clean the windows, clean out the closets and get rid of unworn clothes, clean up the landscaping and last but not least do a little cleansing for the body.  I’ve been reading the fabulous benefits of making homemade stock & the health benefits of preparing your own stock and how nourishing it is to your body.  I’d like to jump-start a healthier spring with a little internal cleansing.  I just found an incredible local meat market that raise their own cows that are grass-fed.  I purchased some grass-fed beef bones today and am going to make this fresh homemade bone broth tomorrow.

Here is a great link on a recipe and tips on how to prepare it and then keep it to add to other recipes.


Here are some thoughts on a 3-day broth cleanse and as the article states, it is not encouraged to do cleanses on a long term basis.  I can feel my body is in need of a healthful cleanse after my “Eat” phase of my year of my own “eat-pray-love” excursion that has been full of many poor food choices over the past year.  It is time to jump-start a cleaner choice of foods for my body and give it a nice re-set.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  http://toscareno.blogspot.com/2011/06/broth-cleanse.html

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One Response to Homemade Bone Broth

  1. shawna says:

    This did not do anything for me…I just couldn’t bring myself to only drink broth for 3 days….I did use the homemade broth to make some green beans and they were yummy.

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